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The American Veterans Art Wall – The AVAW

A Dialectic in Rhythm

American Arts Trust is pleased to announce submission forms are now open for The American Veterans Art Wall (The AVAW). The AVAW is a safe, non-judgmental, virtual wall launching November 1st in honor of Military Family Month and Veterans Day. Every U.S. veteran is invited to submit his or her own creative expression. The submission process is simple and should only take about five minutes.

American Arts Trust is proud to announce it has been chosen by Google to be one of the first organizations in the United States to participate in their new Google Open Gallery platform. Thanks to the support of Google, The AVAW will have unlimited capacity with the potential to allow every living veteran to post work that they create. The purpose of The AVAW is two fold. First to address the shameful lose of life to suicide among the military family. When you create a work of art it is a statement of I am. When you sign it and post it is a statement of I have worth and in seeing the work of others who have experienced what you have is a statement of I am not alone. And making those three statements can pull someone back from the brink. But all veterans should post, because it is the motto of the military to never leave someone behind.

Second, even if you have no symptoms of PTSD, statistics indicate someone in your unit was not so lucky. Your posting will help that person know that they are not alone. In addition The AVAW has the potential to be the greatest tribute to the veteran experience created solely by and for veterans. Make sure your story is part of that, and help spread the word. And lastly, when a significant number of veterans come together to do something and sees itself as a community, the shock waves through the halls of Congress will be palpable. Help your brothers and sisters, help yourself, help those who follow after you. Learn More.

The Great Green Barrier

Great Green Barrier

Update: 11/16/2013

Our solution to the US-Mexico border problem has made it to the President, the Senate Environmental Committee and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS responded with a series of questions. Intrigued by the initiative and our response, they have asked us to provide a study substantiating our hypothesis. We are now seeking to fund the study and consult with experts in xeriscaping, zoology, geology, geography, planning, public policy, management and environmental impact. This comprehensive three-part study will address the needs of the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mojave deserts. You can help fund the study and validate an affordable, sustainable eco-friendly solution.

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Update: 8/20/2012

The proposal has been presented to President Obama’s chief advisor, as well as Senators Boxer(D) CA and Whitehouse(D) Rhode Island. The proposal was presented by Senators Whitehouse’s office to the office of Homeland Security.

The Great Green Barrier is the art solution to the thorny problem of our country’s southern border. It addresses environmental issues, cost issues, our country’s image issues, and job issues. Instead of a multi-million dollar 14-foot barbed wire topped wall, boondoggle that is thwarted by anyone with a 15-foot ladder, we have proposed a football field deep nearly impenetrable cactus barrier at a fraction of the cost. Learn more.

The Montague Collection

Montague Collection

Update 7/25/2012

A vast collection of African-American art and ephemera was in danger of being broken up and sold at auction. Our mission was to keep it intact and have it housed at a prestigious institution where it can be accessible to the greatest amount of Americans. Learn More

American Glass

American Glass Iniative

Update: 3/15/2013

American Art Trust has partnered with Made in USA to approach this from both the business and art fronts.

Steuben, American’s premier art glass company has closed. Seventy master glass blowers are now out of work. Steuben was the gift of choice for Presidents to give to visiting nations as an expression of the best of America. Yes we are no longer in an age where expensive tableware is a standard, but the art of Steuben was unique and should not be lost... Learn More.

A Dialectic in Rhythm

A Dialectic in Rhythm

The idea is simple. Take the best of the best in each these classic disciplines. Put them together in space and through a classic Socratic dialectic…a no- holds-barred discussion of logic using the thesis, antithesis, and resolution method... see what happens. Voice dance and music in the main do not share the same language so how can a discussion take place. They do have one common language that will allow this…Rhythm. Learn More.

The Montague Collection ~ Additional Information

The Great Green Barrier

American Glass

The American Veterans Art Wall – AVAW

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